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6:25 PM Tue, Oct. 16th

O'Halleran collects, spends most in legislative races

Arizona Rep. Tom O'Halleran of Sedona is way ahead of his two competitors on campaign spending in his effort to move over to the State Senate in the Nov. 7 general election.

O'Halleran has collected $122,953 compared to $33,644 for Democrat Jo Kelleher of Chino Valley and less than $500 for Libertarian Terry Dunn of Prescott Valley, who doesn't have to file spending reports because of his low collections.

Spending in the Legislative District One (LD1) race for two seats in the House of Representatives is much closer.

Incumbent Rep. Lucy Mason of Prescott raised the most money, $42,570, as of the latest major campaign committee reporting deadline of Oct. 18. That pre-general report was due Thursday. Fellow Republican Andy Tobin of Paulden was second with $40,052, followed by Democrat Wes Edmonds of Paulden with $32,911 and Independent George Seaman of Prescott with $23,769.

The state's Citizens Clean Elections system has contributed most of the money to the House campaigns in LD1. Clean Elections candidates agree not to accept political action committee (PAC) money.

All four House candidates are running under the Clean Elections system. All but Seaman have received base Clean Elections Fund contributions of $29,863. Since Independents don't have primary races, Seaman gets only $20,904.

Kelleher is the only LD1 Senate candidate running under the Clean Elections system. She has received $29,863 in base money.

Despite the lack of monetary competition, O'Halleran has spent most of his money, $117,356. He collected $85,325 from individuals, $7,638 from PACs and $18,523 from two relatives by the time he filed his interim report that extends his reporting period to Oct. 25. He's the only LD1 candidate with enough contributions to file an interim report after the pre-general report.

Kelleher has spent $25,565. She collected $2,420 from individuals, $580 from a personal loan and $120 from a Prescott Valley resident's loan.

In the LD1 House race, Tobin has spent the most money at $37,813, followed by Mason at $30,619, Edmonds at $26,358 and Seaman at $18,053.

Individual contributions to the LD1 House candidates are $9,924 to Mason, $9,609 to Tobin, $2,285 to Seaman and $310 to Edmonds.

Tobin and Edmonds have loaned their campaigns $580 and $524, respectively. Edmonds also has charged $2,214 on a campaign credit card.

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