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6:38 PM Wed, Dec. 12th

Protesters are unwitting dupes of Marxists

A lot of people watching the anti-war demonstrations look upon the hordes of eager young people participating in them as being what Lenin called "useful idiots," when the truth is that they are really innocent victims of brainwashing in classrooms and lecture halls dominated by rabid Marxist teachers and professors.

If you listen to what these youngsters are saying or read the signs and banners they carry, it becomes obvious that the focus of their protests is not really the war in Iraq, but instead a burning hatred of America and President Bush and our free enterprise system, along with strident demands for nothing less than what amounts to a socialist America.

Back in the 1930s, and during the Cold War, the Communists set up front groups that agitated for what appeared to be praiseworthy causes such as civil rights or world peace, and they managed to suck in a lot of well-meaning Americans who were not Communists, didn't believe in communism, and would never have joined an openly communist group.

But they unwittingly allowed people under Soviet discipline to use them and contributed to the front groups they joined, which ended up supporting the Communist Party and the totalitarian goals of the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics.

This is the kind of thing we are seeing today, and behind it all are the same kind of totalitarian agitators who exploited their useful idiots back in the '30s.

You would never know it from the media, but as John Perazzo wrote recently in FrontPage magazine, the so-called "peace movement" today is "dominated by the same Communists that once marched in support of Stalin, Mao, the Vietcong, the Sandinista Marxists, and the Communist guerrillas in El Salvador; the same America-loathing radicals who, because they passionately deem America the root of all evil in the world, now support Kim and Castro."

Thanks to years of brainwashing in high schools and on college campuses by disciples of Karl Marx, a sizeable number of the present generation are unwitting supporters of the most brutal and coercive political system ever to inflict itself upon mankind.

What none of these young people understand is the fact that communism is a means of achieving socialism – some have called it "socialism in a hurry." The most murderous regimes of the 20th century were all socialist dictatorships – the Soviet Union, Germany under the National Socialist (Nazi) Party, Cuba, China, the captive nations in Eastern Europe. The death toll ran into the hundreds of millions – all victims of socialism and socialist governments which, by their very nature, are coercive dictatorships.

And whether they know it or not, it's socialism for which they are marching and demonstrating, the reality and nature of which they know nothing about. Marxist teachers have appropriated and molded their young impressionable minds and filled them with intellectual garbage fed to them under the guise of compassion for the "poor and repressed."

And they have been handed over to skilled veteran communist manipulators and drawn into new front groups allegedly to protest a war against Iraq – and their manipulators never tell them that they are in reality serving the purposes of the Iraqi government which just happens to be a socialist dictatorship ruled by Saddam's Socialist Baath Party.

As Marxists say: "No enemy to the left." And that's where Iraq is today and why the so-called "peace movement" opposes a war to free the Iraqi people from the Marxist yoke around their necks.

(Mike Reagan, a talk show host, is the eldest son of President Ronald Reagan. Cagle Cartoons, Inc. distributes his column. E-mail him at