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3:53 PM Tue, Jan. 22nd

<b><center>Letters to the Editor</b></center>

Election leaves some of the worst in power


The elections are over, and calm has been restored, so let's see how many times we shot ourselves in the foot.

Foremost has to be the Arizona Corporation Commission electees. Of the five who will now be in office, three were in the Legislature and voted for the infamous alternative fuels bill, which has cost us hundreds of millions of dollars (and we are still counting).

The names are Hatch-Miller, Gleason and Spitzer. If that isn't enough, we have returned Jim Irvin to office for a four-year term. He, of course, is the one currently in court defending himself in a lawsuit brought about as a result of alleged interference in the proposed sale of a utility company doing business in this state. He also faces charges that he forged Clean Election cards which, if proven, will result in his removal from office.

Do these four men display the kind of integrity and good judgment required to fairly represent us in judging the appropriateness of utility rates as well as controlling corporate activities in general in Arizona? We can only hope for the best.

Moving on, we have others of alternative fuel infamy returning to various posts of leadership around the state. Ken Bennett comes to mind. He will be Senate president. And Linda Binder down Havasu way. Didn't she make it back to the state Legislature? Friends, we may be in more trouble than we know!

Oscar Thomas


Acker holiday cards fundraiser a sell-out


The Friends of Acker want to thank the community for the tremendous response to our annual holiday card fundraiser.

The cards have sold out in all locations and, sadly, we cannot get a reprint in time for the holiday season. We are sorry to have disappointed so many who missed out because of the wild-beyond-expectation popularity of the card. We did want to let everyone know that we plan to do a reprint of the winter pronghorn antelope card next year and make them available along with the new card for our 2003 card fundraiser.

Proceeds from the sale of these cards will help us buy a people/pet drinking fountain. So many of the park users at Acker Memorial Park enjoy walking with their beloved four-legged companions, and they deserve this amenity.

Additional trail enhancements, a native landscape revegetation project and play equipment also are on our future purchase wish list.

We want to thank all the stores who participated and the Courier's prominent feature of the card in the local section that ensured such a successful event. The Friends appreciate all the generous support, words of encouragement and appreciation for what we've been able to accomplish at this special open-space park.

Bob Hay

Vice President

Friends of J.S. Acker


Plaza events trash grounds' beauty


Why doesn't the Courier take a stand against the "shows" the county allows to destroy the sanctity of our beautiful courthouse grounds?

We often criticize New Yorkers for being insensitive and materialistic, and yet they wouldn't think of allowing people to junk up Central Park. And now Prescott's mayor favors continuation of these activities. In his mind, anything to stimulate growth is OK, even if it sacrifices Prescott citizens' quality of life in the process.

Someone, say the Courier, should point out to the majority that less is more – and vice versa. Prescott would be an even greater attraction to visitors with the courthouse grounds left in their uncluttered natural state.

Ronald M. Gilbert


Enron debacle reads just like Dickens classic


During the past century, producers have made a number of books into movies: "Fahrenheit 451," "The Animal Farm," "A Christmas Carol," (Scrooge), "1984," and "The Fellowship of the Ring."

These fantasy books have withstood the test of historical time before being considered for adaptation into a movie. The selections related to our century and our lives.

If you wish to live in a society that believes in burning books, movies and account ledgers, visit "A Christmas Carol," recast the characters, time and location and entitle it "Enron 2002."

Alex J. Szecsody