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12:24 PM Thu, Nov. 15th

Prescott Lakes has world-class golf course

Score another victory for Hale Irwin.

The Prescott Lakes golf course is awesome, and our community has yet another gem in its crown.

I had the opportunity to play the new course last week, and I'm here to tell you that if you enjoy golf, you will find 18 holes of championship-caliber game here. Simply, I cannot find enough adjectives to give you my true impression of Prescott Lakes.

Suffice it to say, from Irwin's design, to the landscape treasures that make up this beautiful spot in the Prescott hills, you will be hard-pressed to find a more spectacular and challenging golf course anywhere. And I do mean anywhere. I would venture to say the course is world-class, and yet it's open to public play.

While I've heard many people bemoaning the name Prescott Lakes because of our perceived water shortage, I'm convinced that this course and development is a perfect complement to the high desert landscape. In fact, there are very few "lakes," and I'd hesitate to describe a few small bodies of water as lakes. But this is Arizona.

The course takes the golfer up and down through the hills, pausing now and again for breathtaking views from several tee boxes where you'll view Granite Dells, Willow Lake, Bill Williams Mountain, the San Francisco Peaks, Granite Mountain, and you name it, you can probably see it from any given place along the way.

The rough, which by the way is very, very rough, is thick natural grass abounding with wildflowers growing throughout. This vegetation thrives next to the perfectly manicured fairways. However, if your shots tend to go astray, you will not find your ball. The rough eats balls like a horse eats hay. Take a dozen balls, at least, when you play.

The greens are fast and forbidding – but designed and kept to perfection. And sand traps – Whoa! – talk about sand traps.

If the rough doesn't get you, the sand will.

The holes have the names of ancient hieroglyphics which lie throughout the boulder-strewn course. There is history here, and Prescott Lakes golf course not only will preserve it, but also allow the public to enjoy an historical tour along with a round of golf. Some of the names: Horned Toad, Wind, Morning Star, Sun Guide, Abstract and Footprints.

Now, I'm raving about this golf course, but I must also tell you that the people who work there are consummately professional. Even the young men who load bags and clean your clubs are genuinely respectful and helpful. This is why you'll find your experience at Prescott Lakes to be outstanding from beginning to end – provided you can stay in the fairway.

I expect this golf course to be the site of championship play in the future. As a matter of fact, I wouldn't be surprised to see the Senior PGA Tour make it one of its stops in the years to come.

Granted, you're going to pay to play at Prescott Lakes. It's not "cheap golf." But, at the same time, it's also a lot less expensive than most of the exclusive clubs in Arizona, and I'd venture to say that not one of those courses has anything on Prescott Lakes.

Believe me, if I had seen anything at all bad about this golf course I would say so. But the fact is, this is exactly the type of golf course and development this area needs. It fits perfectly here.

Go play.

* * *

Now, I'm wondering why people, including the mayor, are complaining about the waterfall at the entrance to Prescott Lakes.

The fact is, the only loss of any water is from evaporation – minimal at least. To complain about something so cool is absurd. And if this is all you have to complain about, get a life. You're probably the same people who bitch about the flower planters downtown.

And since when did Sam Steiger become so politically correct? He obviously is clueless about the "lakes" in Prescott Lakes.

And when did he change his mind about how much water we have? And, Sam, don't you think it would be better if you used your tireless babbling to fight for Prescott's water rights in Phoenix rather than chastising someone who's trying to do something for this community?

Me? I love the waterfall.

Bravo, M3 and Hale Irwin! Well done.