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YBBBS Child of the Week: Alyx

Twenty-five percent of America's youth never make it to high school graduation. You can make sure that boys and girls in our community beat these odds and succeed in school and life simply by becoming a Big Brother, Big Sister or Family Match.

Did you know that matched youths are less likely to skip a day of school and become high school drop-outs? They learn how to make good choices that help them steer clear of drugs and alcohol.

Right now, there is a real need for Big Sisters in the Prescott area.

Meet Alyx, who is one of hundreds of children just waiting for a "Big." Alyx is eight years old and is in the fourth grade. Alyx is shy when you first meet her, but begins to warm up as she becomes more comfortable. She lives with her mom, brother, aunt and grandmother. She gets to see her father only a few times a year.

Alyx likes school and gets As and Bs in most of her subjects. Sometimes she has a hard time with spelling. Her favorite subjects are art and reading. Math? Not so much. She is working hard to improve her spelling grades. She studies words every day and writes the ones she gets wrong on her quizzes at least three times each.

Alyx is a girlie-girl. She likes to sing, do arts and crafts and make bracelets. She thinks cooking is fun and loves to help with dinner. Alyx also enjoys hanging out with her friends, painting her nails, playing with babies and playing the Wii. She rides both a bike and scooter when she gets the chance to play outside. Alyx is taking gymnastics and thinks it is lots of fun. She loves to help around the house and mostly keeps her room clean and helps her mom and grandma with cleaning on the weekends.

Alyx needs a Big Sister who would give her some one-on-one attention. She would be an easy kid to bond with and thinks it would be fun to spend time with a Big Sister just having "girl time."

You don't have to change your life to change the life of a young person like Alyx. Just a few hours a couple of times a month is enough to make a difference. Research shows that kids matched with a "Big" are almost 40 percent less likely to get arrested compared to all other kids their age. Matched children are also less likely to skip a day of school and less likely to begin using illegal drugs and alcohol. Sign up today by calling 778-5135 or visit www.azbigs.org.


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