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Featured Home of the Week: 1558 Sierry Peaks Drive


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Ask the Contractor: cleaning hacks, leaning tree, money

Cleaning tips, tree trimming, Recovery Fund

My husband likes to cook and spatter the grease on the walls and appliances and countertops surrounding the stove. Do you have any cleaning hacks that might help with quick removal?

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3 ways to fix up faux pumpkins

Fakes look reasonably real and will last for years

I love carving jack-o’-lanterns, but after coming downstairs one fall morning to find that an overly ripe pumpkin had “bled” all over my dining room table and ruined it, the idea of decorating with fake gourds does have a certain appeal.

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No need to be overwhelmed at the flea market

Designers give shopping tips to find the best deals

Arriving at a sprawling flea market on a crisp Saturday morning can be exciting.

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US home construction tumbled 4.7 percent in September

Construction of new homes fell 4.7 percent in September, the biggest decline in six months, reflecting weakness in both single-family activity and apartment building.

Continuing confusion over what home inspectors can fix on the job

In a recent column I wrote about home inspectors “breaking” something they have to test. The best example is a GFCI outlet in a bathroom or kitchen.

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Dutch design lab blends naturalistic and futuristic

The first U.S. museum exhibit devoted solely to the experimental and futuristic work of Dutch design studio Joris Laarman Lab is now on view at the Cooper Hewitt Smithsonian Design Museum here.

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Need a Halloween theme for your home? Go with 'creepy carnival'

Films, TV shows and stories, including the current hits “It” and “American Horror Story,” have long imagined a dark side to circuses and side shows. No surprise then that they’re a theme for Halloween decorations.

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Smartweed is a weed even if it’s quite pretty up close

Hard to tell difference between weeds and garden-worthy plants in Polygonum genus

I paused my shoveling of horse manure the other day to rest my eyes on a most attractive plant growing at the edge of the pile.

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Floral accessories get creative

Go beyond the formal corsage to wearable art

Want a memorable accessory for that big event? Think beyond the traditional pinned-on boutonniere or corsage, and consider wearing a piece of floral art.

September 2017 Garden of the Month

Alta Vista Garden Club selected the garden of Don and Linda Hall as its September 2017 Garden of the Month.